A therapist with a dark secret (Hysell) meets a new patient (Brian Luna) that he found on Groupon. From the feature film BIG BREAK (from Amazon Video)

Jaded (award winning short film) Casting Director (Hugh Hysell) deals with jaded actors including Mia (Debra Toscano). For full film click here

Beef Cake (Comedy): Hugh Hysell stars as Muffin, a kind hearted wardrobe director who waxes tales and advice to a favorite contestant (Brock Yurich) on the reality show "Beef Cake."

Family Meeting (comedy) Straight laced dad (Hugh Hysell) calls a family meeting to chew out his new son in law (Martin Harvey)

Divorce (Dark Comedy). Robert (Thomas Hayden Church) tells Brother Jim (Hugh Hysell) and his new church friends about the dark times that currently trouble him

Food Therapy Written, Directed and Filmed by Trent Mills With Hugh Hysell and Morgan Billings-Smith

Salvation (Psychological thriller): Hugh Hysell stars as William, a serial killer who gets a revelation when he cuts up his beautiful upper-crust victim (Akis Ntonos).

Volatile (drama): Threatened by a takeover, a CEO/white collar criminal (Hugh Hysell) hits back with damning evidence against his nemesis (Taso Mikroulis).